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Acquisition & Disposition - CRE CRE

Acquisition & Disposition

Over two decades of operations, Continental Real Estate successfully managed to entertain clients’ needs with unparalleled support and services. A high rate of customer satisfaction was realized through the following services:

  • Buying and Selling Advisory
  • Pre-purchase assessment
  • Selling Price Recommendation
  • Due-diligence services
  • Building Hand-over inspection

This spectrum of services enables our clients to enjoy the following benefits:

  • A substantial real estate database and operational network
  • Qualified team who are fully aware of the complex and changing real estate markets
  • Optimum profits and equities
  • Recommendations to improve existing properties value
  • A portfolio of high net-worth investors
  • Legal and financial protection

Accordingly, and due to the credibility that Continental Real Estate has earned throughout the years, we have managed to attract a broad base of investors, corporate and major developers from different countries to confidently rely on our services when it comes to property acquisition and disposition.