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Evaluate Your Property - CRE CRE

Evaluate Your Property

Continental Real Estate is officially endorsed and accredited “Valuation Expert” by many government and private organizations, financial institutions, such as courts, banks, and a wide base of investors, developers and private firms.

Our evaluation methodology includes the assessment and inspection of the properties/buildings, providing detailed appraisal reports in accordance with international regulations and guidelines reflecting the latest approved methods and standards.

Evaluation reports are carried out for the following purposes:

  • Mortgage lending and loans
  • Credit facilities against pledge of properties
  • Property sale or purchase
  • Accounting purposes
  • Property insurance

Continental evaluation services cover the following sectors:

  • Raw Lands and developed plots
  • Commercial and industrial properties
  • Residential properties
  • Retail developments

To date, the evaluation department has valued more than 60 Million square feet of developed properties (22.5 Million of built up area plus 37.5 Million square feet of vacant land), with a total assets value of US$ 2.75 billion or AED 10.1 billion.