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Property Managment - CRE CRE

Property Managment

Backed up by a professional team supported with academic knowledge, practical experience and know-how of the real estate sector, Continental Real Estate provides various integrated consultancy services pertaining to property development. The scope of such services enables our clients to adopt a well structured and researched approach to maximize revenues, while planning for a real estate investment at the initial stages of studying the feasibility of such development. These services cover:-
Pre-Development Consultancy:
Our clients can utilize our 20 years of experience and be confident while making their decisions on the best available options for any project that they intend to consider investing in. The scope of our pre-development consultancy covers recommending alternatives for the best fields and areas
of real estate investments, recommendations on the ideal types of buildings, designs, layouts and finishes, as well as the reliable consultants and contractors that investors can get affiliated with, and of course the guidelines that need to be followed in order to maximize their return on investment.
Development Mix Review
Continental Real Estate contribute to setting development plans, taking into account the market requirements, tenants’ and buyers’ preferences and needs, as well as many other provisions and future considerations that the real estate markets would require. Such plans get developed and executed in coordination with the concerned architects, consultants and the owners’/investors’ project team.
Such conduct will involve elaborate details on individual units’ areas, types and ratios of each unit, and building features and facilities.
Master Plans Reviews
Our collective team of professionals, not only study the initial master plans from technical and engineering prospective, but also from marketing and financial viewpoint. With a team of architects, urban planners, engineers, realtors and marketing experts, master developers can benefit from our recommendations that will lead their communities to be developed functionally efficient, and financially feasible. In deliberation of time and cost, such services are essential being conducted at the initial planning stage of any community development.
Architectural Drawing Critique
Reviewing the engineering consultants’ plans is a vital service that our team provides to developers. Whether it is commercial, residential or industrial properties, unit layouts and areas form the key element to the project success. Such process adds value to the entire project, delivering cost effective designs that not only will meets the market requirements, but will maximize the potential property income as well.
Best Land Use
Determining the ideal development on a raw plot of land is a lengthy and crucial process that needs to undergo various stages. Our team does provide such consultancy to master developers after conducting a thorough market research, inspecting the subject plot and identifying the core areas of demand. This process also outlines the required sub-development mix and the needed asset classes to each sub-development.