Owners Association Management

Creating the best communities with optimal facilities
Redeeming the integrity, Continental Owners Association also provides real benefits through Owners Association service. The idea goes beyond property management and bring CRE as the value management partner where the team is responsible to not only maintain but also improve the asset value for the landlords. The core idea is to balance the long-term development of a residential block or community building that could generate more profitable approach for our clients. This helps with the overall property value in terms of maintenance, services, accounting functions and cost-effective vendors.

Financial Management

CRE maintains the annual budgeting, collection and accounting for all payments and service charges, HOA recoverable and monitoring cash flows.

Administrative Services

We ensure that we work according to the directives that ensures a seamless administrative processes and communication for the landlords and tenants.

Facility Management

We effectively understand the quality and promote management for all services. Aligning and supervising vendors, arranging inspections, and performing maintenance as required. We further include timely PPM services and adopting a rigorous approach to implement building maintenance regulations.

Legal Advisory

Our works also include compiling
all the legal registration and licensing documents, appointing lawyers and arbitrators to resolve and negotiate any pending claims. We also enforce OA Constitution and handle all governmental legislations, fees, regulations etc.

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