Strategic Consultancy

Smarter Outputs with well thought out Inputs

Our Strategic Consultancy services include preliminary analysis and in-depth understandings of your property based concerns. With accurate feasibility studies, determining the location analysis and formulating a clear market research we give you precise advices and consultation sessions for your real estate. Our aim is to enlighten customers and let them take an informed decision based on the valuation and consultancy services we provide. We target securing your finances using optimal standards and generating investment strategies that are adequately salient.

Development Consultancy

Our services enable our clients to adopt a well-structured and researched approach to maximize revenues, while planning for a real estate investment. Further categorization includes Pre- Development Consultancy, Development Mix Review, Master Plan and Architectural Drawings Review and Best Land Use.

Project Management and Cost Consultancy

With our team of expert engineers and certified professionals who are equipped with knowledge and hold multiple years of experience, we provide efficient project management services for our clients. We provide efficient policies to manage your project with adequate costing and budgeting solutions. We have picked out the best property managers who are well equipped with knowledge.

Development Mix Review

We take market requirements, tenants and buyers preferences and needs as well as many other
provisions and future considerations that real estate markets require to assess elaborate details on individual unit areas, types and ratios of each, and building features and facilities.

Feasibility Studies

CRE’s feasibility studies are aimed to evaluate the vitality and impact of the project. These provide studies based on client projects, in terms of costing, revenues predicted, ROI, equity, projection and SWAT analysis.

Highest and Best Use

Determining the ideal development on a raw plot is a lengthy and crucial process that needs to undergo various stages. It outlines the required sub-development mix and the needed asset classes to each sub-development.

Master Plans and Architectural Drawings Reviews

With a team of architects, urban planners, engineers we lead communities to be developed functionally efficient and financially feasible. These services are conducted at initial planning stages of any community development.

Freehold Consultancy

Our clients can benefit from our expertise and obtain proper consultancy on the available options that suit their budget and needs. We cover all asset classes at various freehold developments that facilitates choosing the best properties at possible prices.

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