Property Management

Preserving benefits with well-thought management
The privilege of being a landlord comes at the cost of maintaining what you own. CRE team of experts is the answer you are looking for. Our team ensures a seamless approach for property management in the UAE market that give you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer premium property management services for residential, commercial, industrial, offices, retail, hospitality and health care.

Rent Assessment & Review

An adequate model is applied which includes various factors such as location, property age, units’ area and layouts, facilities and amenities, finishes and qualities, neighborhood comparative prices and the supply and demand interest of the property.

Facility Management

Tailor made services for running the day-to-day operations as well as ensuring quality standards applied for the increased durability of the buildings or individual property. CRE has been expertly handling and providing outsourced management to help facilitate the living of the residents.

Legal advisory

CRE provides excellent advisory and legal consultancy services to any property management concerns and disputes. Our legal team is incredibly qualified and works with the clients towards a proactive and skillful approach.


CRE helps clients with well manage leasing services that provide profitable results to the property owners. Understanding the variety of properties, we create effective options.


To advertise the benefits of property management, our marketing team spear headedly works to reach out to the audience and give them the positive potentials.

Tenant – landlord relationship

For helpful negotiations and understandings between the tenants and landlords, we provide our valuable customer services to deal with all correspondence matters. Our services represent the communication between the two parties for best results.


For rental management renewals we have a team of wellversed experts who can guide property owners and tenants. We help them with the needed requirements of renewing the terms and conditions of their property agreements considering the laws and regulations of their emirate.


CRE is designated to handle the client concerns and complaints well. We make sure that our team is available 24/7 on their helpline support with Quality Management and Assurance services that highlight our services and the broadly defined customer satisfaction.

Move-in and Move-out process

To facilitate the moving process, we provide our clients with efficient snagging services that ensures that the space remains according to the terms of the agreement.

Financial Services

Understanding the accrual basis, VAT Calculation and payments, bank, rental and daily deposits, bank reconciliation and transfer of income to owner ‘accounts are all included in the financial reporting services.

Sell your property through Continental

Came to a standstill? Let us figure out the right approach for selling your property.

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