Property Valuation and Advisory

Valuating assets and properties
Valuation and Advisory services are efficient and effective solutions that include a range of holistic ideas with multiple property sectors including sales, leasing, property management, engineering, building maintenance and valuation. With our team of professionals who have gained proficient expertise from RICS, PMP, RERA, TEGOVA and other international standard certifications we have elaborate on our area of expertise and devised multiple solutions to cater to property valuation and the advisory sector. We provide comprehensive valuation reports and advisory services for residential and commercial property for a multitude of purposes.

Loan Security

CRE provide insightful analysis and advisory on loan security. The reports are shared with financial institutions by the client.

Portfolio Review

We provide complete information on the quality, value and condition of the property. We create informative and detailed reports that define the overview of the properties. Based on these we provide recommendations and consultations to our clients.

Insurance Purposes

We provide a detailed valuation of your properties that are calculated considering all factors of the market. Reports are provided to insurance companies who then sort property insurances.


We valuate properties that are used for litigation services. As experts we are able to properly identify the value of your properties and then help you with our professional expertise.

Inheritance & Probate

CRE offers a detailed property valuation service including probate that extends to legal professionals for the purpose of inheritance and related agreements.

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