UAE Real Estate Outlook H2 2022

The UAE economy is expected to preserve the upward momentum on the back of rising oil prices, growth in the non-oil sector and the success of Dubai Expo 2020, that attracted roughly 24 million visitors in the six-month period from October 2021 to March 2022.


UAE Real Estate Outlook H1 2022

Dubai’s real estate sales have continued to surge in the first half of 2022, with over 160 billion AED in revenue generated from sales. This is a testament to the Emirates rapid growth and development as a global city.


UAE Real Estate Outlook H2 2021

Dubai real estate market bounced back strong from the COVID-19 induced crisis and kept on breaking records. With an increase in demand, the sale prices went up by 1,3% in March.


UAE Real Estate Outlook H1 2021

UAE Real Estate Market is recovering and gathering pace with a solid outlook for the coming years. Real estate prices in UAE have remained under pressure in the recent past but the second half of 2021 has seen significant rise in both the number of transactions and prices in the real estate sector.


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