Real Estate Brokerage


Commercial leasing, property acquisition and marketing are all sub-functions of the Brokerage service at Continental Real Estate. This is a combination of our in-depth knowledge, customer-driven services and a passion for understanding the industry and delivering quality commercial brokerage and leasing services. We have a team of experts who are well-versed in understanding the market and adequately negotiate to seal deals


For the landlords’ advantage, we lease vacant properties. Our aim is high occupancy in a short period of time with the maximum yield. For tenants, we provide them varied options depending on their budgets, locations and requirements. We also cater to other related services including payment terms, lease agreements and attestation services.


CRE helps you find the best properties with higher rental returns and profitable gains while keeping your living standards and lifestyle according to the requirements you have opt for.

Acquisition and Disposition

Providing buying and selling advisory, pre-purchase assessments, recommending selling prices, building handover inspection, recommendation services to improve existing properties and increasing their values.


CRE’s marketing services include a broad expertise of advertising well known properties that are up for grabs. We make sure that all valuable information is available to our clients by rightly expanding and explaining the details.

Snagging Services

An expert team of certified engineers visit the site to inspect and detect any minor or major defects in the building after the construction work has ended. This helps our clients stay aware in a safer, compatible environment.

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