Top 10 budget-friendly residential spaces for tenants in Dubai

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Dubai holds one of the largest real estate businesses in the world. In the GCC region it holds the most occupancy rates in terms of rental apartments and villas. In 2022, almost 51,452 rental contracts were overseen in January alone. The dynamic of the Dubai real estate market is established in a way that it is easily able to compete with the bigger metropolitan cities, NewYork, London and more.

We took the chance to pick out top 10 tenant locations that are apt for living and hold multiple amenities in Dubai. Take a look at the compiled list below:

1. Jabal Ali First

A mixed-use community which has several residential and commercial properties, Jabal Ali First holds a serene environment and a sophisticated lifestyle. The occupancy rate is almost 50,000+ and has every facility for a peaceful living. This holds multiple residential projects and according to salaries tenants can register for suitable ones that fit in their budget. Friendly neighborhoods, parks and entertainment spots, and retail stores are some of the basic amenities provided for the residents.

As per Ejari Registrations, 1,811 registrations were made in Jabal Ali First in the month of January.

2. Naif

One of the designated areas for rental spaces, Naif has multiple residential projects. Located in Deira, the space has excellent long term rental places for the tenants. The projects have spacious rooms, affordable apartments and facilities including hospitals, retail stores and easy access to Metro Station for convenient traveling.

As per Ejari Registrations, 1,760 registrations were made in Naif in the month of January.

3. Al Karama

Located in Old Dubai, Al Karama is a perfect fit for tenants who are looking for affordable spaces with multiple bedrooms and spacious interiors. The vibrant neighborhoods of Al Karama are beaming with local and expat communities because of the low rents and added facilities. The area has an access to the Metro Station and also is a central hub of the Karama Market where almost 300 shops are spread carrying souvenirs and trinkets for family and friends back home.

As per Ejari Registrations, 1,754 registrations were made in Al Karama in the month of January.

4. Al Warsan First

A popular area for tenants, Al Warsan provides a good lifestyle change for people who are looking for a little peace in the residential areas away from the city. Located opposite to the International City, the space is evolving and adding more potential projects to the market. Al Warsan has affordable rental options including villas and flats which are newly constructed.

As per Ejari Registrations, 1,601 registrations were made in Al Warsan in the month of January.

5. Al Suq Al Kabeer

Located along Dubai Creek, The art space and a modern take for restaurants, galleries, tea cafes and shopping malls, Al Suq Al Kabeer has multiple sightseeing and entertainment spots for the residents. The community has mosques, monuments and historical sites. Packed with facilities the space has affordable rents and almost all interest areas for the public.

As per Ejari Registrations, 1,457 registrations were made in Al Suq Al Kabeer in the month of January.

6. Business Bay

Architecturally charming, Business Bay is an elite neighborhood with gorgeous views of Dubai Skyline and the Dubai Canal. This developed hub of Dubai is termed as the City Center with work locations, entertainment and eateries all well connected.

As per Ejari Registrations, 1,317 registrations were made in Business Bay in the month of January.

7. Al Nahda Second

A calming area perfect for the residents and white picket fence life. Al Nahda is one of the most picked options due to its family friendly environment. The area is surrounded with parks, mosques, high rise buildings and educational institutions which is the perfect spot for any tenant family looking for the best spot in UAE.

As per Ejari Registrations, 1,276 registrations were made in Al Nahda Second in the month of January.

8. Barsha South

Located next to Jumeirah Village Circle and in close proximity to Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Science Park, Barsha South is another family friendly area where you can enjoy the peaceful environment. The developed sector has multiple amenities which are suitable for families in Dubai. Barsha South has studios, apartments and villas.

As per Ejari Registrations, 1,192 registrations were made in Barsha South in the month of January.

9. Marsa Dubai

Known for Dubai Marina and close to the beaches, Marsa Dubai is one of the best choices for tenants who want to experience the modern lifestyle Dubai has to offer. The power packed area has cafes, road stalls, eateries and multiple entertainment spots to choose from. The area is slightly expensive yet provides a range of living solutions for families and individuals.

As per Ejari Registrations, 1,174 registrations were made in Marsa Dubai in the month of January.

10. Nadd Hessa

A family friendly community, Nadd Hessa Street connects with Dubai Silicon Oasis which holds multiple residential towers and an assortment of luxurious apartments. The community is connected to direct routes which connect with Sheikh M. Bin Zayed Road. The state of the art facilities and easy access to Dubai’s City Center, this is an optimal choice for many tenants.

As per Ejari Registrations, 1,098 registrations were made in Al Nadd Hessa in the month of January.

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